oh gosh, it’s been so long ago already.

… about time to move on!


wow, 1:10 on the phone with meu amor,
lets see if i can still complete this today!!

slow but steady…

that was a difficult part, but now this is sorted. hope tonight i can finish the search page! that’s how it looks now

leaving now for VB :)))))

oh you can waste so much time on blog configuration ;) corrected the local time zone and added time to posts

lunch + supermarket visit. now back to work. seminar starts in one hour.

file upload turned out to be quite complicated.

feeling mentally exhausted. will get some food now.

ok lets go :)

am afraid i’ve to stop now aleady, not much progress but still a step towards the end

net time maybe half an hour :(

called my parents now. Mine is not well so we canceled the afternoon coffee at her garden. :(
but will leave to Delitzsch in one hour already! so ve to hurry up before someone overtakes me ;)

started work on multimedia database project